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Buying Used Vehicle Parts

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

One of the main benefits of purchasing a second hand or “Green” part is that it can save you money on your motoring. You must remember that these parts are second hand so it is unrealistic to expect them to be in “as new” condition. The condition of the part supplied should correspond to the description/images. This guide should contain everything you need to know when shopping for used vehicle parts.

Know exactly what you need:

It is important to use the following methods to get the correct second hand part for your vehicle as you would be surprised at the many variations of the same part.

  1. Knowing the VIN Number

The Vehicle Identification Number identifies the car model, make, year and other details that could determine the part that is required. The VIN can be found of the manufacturer’s data table and is engraved on the vehicle chassis. Using the vehicle’s VIN should help you locate the part you need.

  1. Part Numbers

The only way to be 100% sure you are getting the correct part is to find the part number. Some part numbers will be obvious and easy to locate. Some part numbers may be hidden due to dirt or grease, so make sure that you check the part thoroughly.

Enquire about the history of the used car part you want to buy:

Asking about the history of a part is important as the part you could purchase may not last that long. Some used parts may be cleaned up to look brand new but could have concealed defects. Asking questions about the mileages or repairs is important as some companies may not offer warranty or returns and that could be money wasted.

Check colour

This is important as it can be very expensive to repaint the part the same colour of the car.

Ask for photos

Ask for a photo before purchasing the part to ensure the quality of the part being supplied. Also guarantees that this is the correct part needed for your vehicle.

Check the warranty/ Returns Policy:

Some parts sellers don’t issue refunds or accept returns on parts. When purchasing a part make sure to buy from a company with a return policy. Most sellers offer a 30 day warranty on used parts, at Traynor’s we offer a 3 Month warranty on all our used parts. At Traynor’s we want to give our customers confidence when buying parts from us.

Remember that not all parts should be replaced with used parts. Some parts are crucial to the safety of your car and become less effective the more they are used.

Finally, if something does go wrong with the used part you have purchased, make sure to contact the supplier as soon as possible. Within reason, most reputable dismantlers will try to help resolve the problem.




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