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Prepare Your Car For A Summer Road Trip

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Summer has arrived meaning many of us have planned our summer getaway. It’s important to also make car maintenance part of your summer road trip preparation. Below we have created a checklist to ensure your car is ready for your summer road trip.

Plan Your Breaks

Planning your stops ahead of time can be a life saver, it not only ensures the driver is rested and fit to drive, but you can also plan these stops around scenic places to stretch your legs along the way.

Pack the Paper Work

Making sure you have all the correct paperwork is a necessity. These include driving licence, car insurance details and the number for breakdown services.

Car Maintenance

The above doesn’t matter if your vehicle is not fit for the road. It is essential to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy. These simple checks you can do yourself could be the difference between getting to your destination as planned or sitting by the roadside waiting for recovery.

  1. Tyres – Check the pressure, the tread and the spare.

  2. Lights – Ensure they are all working (headlights, indicators and taillights) and replace any bulbs if needed.

  3. Oil Level – Oil is vital in keeping your car engine running smoothly. Without oil you could end up stranded while causing costly damage to your vehicle.

  4. Windows and washers – It is essential to keep your screen wash reservoir topped up. Driving with a dirty or smeared windscreen can be dangerous.

  5. Coolant – Coolant keeps your engine healthy by regulating the temperature of the cooling system. This makes it essential for avoiding breakdowns on a hot day.

  6. Air Con – Testing your air con before any long trip is a good idea, not having functional air con can make a long journey unpleasant.

Other Essentials

Other things to pack in your vehicle ahead of the road trip that will make it more enjoyable and essentials to have in your vehicle in case of a breakdown:

  1. Warning triangle

  2. Snacks and water

  3. Passenger entertainment

  4. Blankets or extra warm clothing

  5. First aid Kit

  6. Reflective jacket

  7. Torch

  8. Loose Change

  9. Sunglasses

  10. Toiletries

Hopefully this guide has helped you prepare and plan ahead for your summer road trip. Having a basic maintenance routine will lessen your chance of any major issues whilst you are away.



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