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Scrapping your car

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The process for scraping your car is simple. However, it is a legal requirement that your vehicle is scrapped by an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). These vehicles need to be disposed of properly as they have the potential to release harmful substances to the environment. It is illegal to take your vehicle anywhere else so always make sure the company is licensed.

Once you have located and contacted the ATF for a quote and are satisfied, you can arrange for a time that suits to dispose of the vehicle. If the vehicle is sorn or not roadworthy you can arrange collection of the vehicle.

If you wish to keep the registration of the vehicle if you have a private or personalized plate you must apply to keep it. Follow the simple steps on the government’s website:

Having the right paperwork before you scrap your vehicle:

The car logbook (V5C) – This proves that you are the owner of the vehicle and stops any unlawful sales. Keep the yellow slip from your log book and always request a receipt. Some ATF may require ID and proof of address.

Scraping your car without a logbook – It is much easier to scrap your vehicle with the logbook but if you don’t have one you must send a letter to the DVLA informing them that you no longer own the vehicle. This must include:

  1. Your car’s reg number

  2. The make and model

  3. The exact date of the sale

  4. Name and address of the scrapyard

If you wish to replace your V5C document you will have to apply to the DVLA and pay a fee of £25.00.

When you scrap your vehicle at Traynor’s we will de-register the car with the DVLA and a CoD (Certificate of Destruction) is issued within 7 days. We will send you a copy of the CoD upon request.

You must always inform the DVLA when you scrap your car, they will refund any remaining months of your car tax. You can be fined £1,000 if you do not tell DVLA. Also contact your insurance provider as you may be entitled to a refund.

Traynor’s are experienced vehicle recyclers, so if you’re considering scrapping your car give us a call today on 028 38891242 and we will be happy to give you a quote.



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